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Former Supermarket Employee Lost 180 Lbs In Just 13 Months


In order to lose those extra pounds you may have, it takes a lot of dedication and commitment. It may be difficult and look daunting to ditch the sweets and chips for salads and fruit, but trust me, it’s worth it. If you really put in the effort to shift those pounds, you’ll get the rewards. Rewards in the form of a healthier body, decreased risk of serious diseases, and more important than all that, a huge improvement in self-confidence.

One such example of this truth is ex-supermarket worker Katie Garner. She managed to lose an incredible 180 lbs in 13 months (which works out at around 14 pounds per month), and her evolution is absolutely stunning.

Former Supermarket Employee Lost 180 Lbs In Just 13 Months 1

The 28-year-old former Morrison’s supermarket employee, from Anfield, Liverpool, UK, started out at a weighty 357 lbs. After her grandfather had passed, she decided it was high time for change, because it would have otherwise gone worse and worse. She signed up to weight loss company Slimming World in January of 2016 two months after her grandfather’s passing.

“I never had fruit or veg or salad, and when I snacked it would be on crisps and biscuits – and I always had sweets on the way to school”.

Former Supermarket Employee Lost 180 Lbs In Just 13 Months 2

Ditching her favorite takeaways and sweet snacks completely changed her life “My life has been completely and utterly changed, and I’m positive and bubbly and confident. Twelve months ago I was so shy I wouldn’t speak unless I was spoken to – and now you can’t shut me up.”


As a result of her inspiring weight loss, Katie says that she has been approached by a London based modelling agency who have asked her to audition for them.
“I would never have dreamed in a million years that I could be a model, but I’ve got a whole new confidence after losing so much weight. I feel like a different person and I look like a different person – so now I’ve got a different goal in life – to be a model.”
Her hard work and persistence has gotten her to a UK dress size 10-12
“I just want to say to people ‘look at me now’. I have got drive and determination and a dream of being a model, although I might look closer to home to create my new career. My grandad would have been so proud – almost as proud as I am of myself.”


We salute Katie and her valiant efforts to shift the extra pounds. For all of you who are dying to shift the extra pounds but are struggling to find motivation, there you go.

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