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Mom Sees Green Gift Box, Takes A Step Back When “The Surprise” Comes Out


What would we do without surprises? I mean they keep the world interesting, don’t you think? Sometimes they can be big and sometimes little but the reaction of that loved person you’re preparing the surprise for is always so worth it.

So, this is what Mrs. Kukusilina was going to get, a huge surprise.

Her reaction to a green box on her doorstep really takes the cake. In the video below, posted on April 11th, she opens her door and finds a very mysterious green box in front of her. Mrs. Kukusilina immediately starts giggling to the present while her daughter makes sure to film everything from a distance.

surprise 2

The daughter that is holding the camera wishes her a happy birthday: “Happy birthday, mommy!”

Her mom giggles constantly: “Oh my goodness!”

When she starts unwrapping the paper, the green box starts moving. The secret of the gift starts showing while a dark object is revealed as it pokes through the surface. The mom is stunned and steps back, not believing what’s in front of her. Through all the confusion, a young woman pops out with a pink bouquet of flowers.

surprise 1

When the mom takes a look at her face, everything is clear. It’s someone she hasn’t seen for a year.

The surprise was planned way before her birthday.

“My sister told me in December she was thinking of surprising mom on her birthday, so I had to keep it completely quiet for nearly four months.”

The other sister that was in the box added: “It really payed off, I thought she was going to have a heart attack or something.”

If you want to see the whole video, take a look below and enjoy!


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