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25 Surprising And Odd Things Found In People’s Houses


Don’t you just love going through your old stuff? Opening long forgotten boxes, chock full of dusty photographs, finding that beloved plushie you just couldn’t fall asleep without, or even coming across your mother’s old collection of records. It brings a lot of joy remembering what was once part of your life, and discovering what was part of the lives of those who came before you.

It doesn’t even have to be your own stuff. When moving into a new house, exploring the items forgotten by the previous owners is the first thing I know I would do. Some of the times, the things you might find can be the best surprise of your life, and others… well, you might wish to move. Again. As soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at this list, compiled by Diply, of crazy things people found in their houses.

1. A vintage comic

A couple from the United States was getting ready to have their house taken over by the bank. So, they were rummaging through some old boxes in the attic, when they found a copy of Action Comics No. 1 from 1938. It is estimated that there are only about 100 copies in existence, and that particular one was valued at $1.5 million.


Source: Daily Mail | Caters

2. The well from The Ring

Now that is just creepy… But I kinda wanna explore what’s down there…


Source: Reddit | Colintendo

3. The door to Hell

Well, that sounds like a challenge to me! Now I must open it…


Source: Reddit | bnrshrnkr

4. A monopoly board…

…covering the whole floor. This is brilliant!


Source: Reddit | Nnewel

5. A hidden kitchen

This kitchen was discovered when two homeowners moved to a house in North Wales that had been in the family for generations. This servant’s kitchen was located in the basement, and had been hidden by debris and lying undisturbed for decades.


Source: Cefn Park | House Logic

6. A creepy photo

I say salt and burn it just to be on the safe side…


Source: Reddit | solebiscuits

7. Skittles

In a military rations bag. Score!


Source: Reddit | tingtanguh

8. A Faberge figurine

This figurine had spent 70 years forgotten in a New York attic. Russian Czar Nicholas II commissioned it in 1912 as a gift for his wife, Empress Alexandra. It was found in an attic in New York. The delicate figurine was sold at auction for $5.2 million.


Source: NY Daily News | WNYT

9. A safe

While renovating their kitchen, this couple discovered a safe in the floor. Inside they found over $50,000 in cash, a rare bottle of bourbon from 1960, a book titled A Guide for the Perplexed, which contained what looked like clues for a treasure hunt, and a BINGO card that possibly holds the code for the safe at the end of the treasure hunt.


Source: Imgur | sarmik

10. This… dummy?

Looks a little bit like Roger from American Dad… Just way more disturbing.


Source: Reddit | Hope_its_a_fart

11. This painting

It wasn’t enough that the rabbit is already straight out of a horror film, but the carrot had to have a creepy face as well.


Source: Imgur | LariFari153

12. Money!

A couple who was doing some home remodelling dicovered two boxes stuffed full of cash in the basement ceiling. It was approximately $45,000!


Source: Imgur | branik12

13. Linoleum floor

With an interesting design…What have they done to R2-D2?!


Source: Reddit | UTLurker

14. Disappointment

This person discovered a safe in the basment of the house they’d just moved in. And it was empty! How anticlimactic…


Source: Reddit | whenifinishlongtexts

15. A relic of the past

Remember the good old days when you had to rent actual physical disks in order to watch movies?


Source: Reddit | ClassyTurkey

16. A time-out room

This hidden room was discovered in the attic. The door is about 4 feet tall (1.2 m), covered with a metal grate, and it could only be locked from the outside… The room contained a cot, some shelves and a small window… What the hell did they use it for?


Source: Reddit | NukeStorm

17. Murdered dolls

While doing some renovations, a family discovered dozens of hanging green army men inside a wall, and in the yard several old porcelain dolls head were found buried…


Source: Pixar Wiki | Icysugarspike

18. Treasure hunt clues

At the University of Texas in Austin, a girl found a treasure hunt clue behind her mirror. After following the clues, she discovered this painting.


Source: Imgur | ThatCoolKid

19. Beer

These 1933 bottles of beer were found hidden in a farmhouse. They date from Prohibition, which makes them contraband. That explains why they were hidden…


Source: Reddit | _R3BRTH_

20. A clown costume

Inside a suitcase stashed in a cubbyhole in the back of the basement was a clown costume, some balloons, and an expired can of beer… Was that IT’s house?


Source: Reddit | Join_You_In_The_Sun

21. Wall “art”

Found at an abandoned house, this is either some really disturbing wall art, or the result of some psycho killer’s efforts to capture the last moments of his victim…


Source: Reddit | GrahamSaysNO

22. Fallout shelter

This person found a fallout shelter built in the 1960s by Whitaker Pools.


Source: Reddit | captantarctica

23. A speakeasy

While re-doing the basement of a 1904 house, a speakeasy was dicovered behind a sliding panel. After some research, it turned ot that the people who lived there previously were selling moonshine during Prohibition and had gotten in trouble with the Law.


Source: PhotoQuest | Getty Images

24. A grenade

After moving into a new house, one family found a grenade hidden in a kitchen cabinet. Noticing that the pin was barely in place, the husband called the police, but eventually it was concluded that the grenade was a dud.


Source: The Telegraph | Kevin Frayer | AP

25. A bomb

This bomb was uncovered while re-piping the house. However, it is not a real bomb. It’s a “BS bomb” which contained leaflets asking the enemy to surrender and promising them fair treatment and food, at least according to Reddit.


Source: Reddit | LSUduckbadger

What about you? Have you found or heard about someone discovering something unexpected in their home? Comment and let us know!

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