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The Sweet Revenge Of A Waitress That Received $0 Tip On a $187 Bill


In order to reach the federal minimum wage for non-exempt employees which is at least $7.25 and as high as $15 in cities like Seattle, service sector employees rely on tips, since their base pay is on average  $2-5. That’s why the recommended tip range in the U.S. is 15-20%.

However there is a law which says that the company should increase the cash wages in case the tips do not equal the minimum wage but as you may guess this doesn’t always happen.

With reference to this information we want to share the interesting story of Taylar Cordova who works as a waitress in P.F. Chang in Colorado. The 22-year-old mother shared her emotional story on Facebook in March after receiving zero dollar tip for a $187 bill.

After her statement on Facebook went viral she gained many supporters and the statement was referred to as ‘powerful’. Though there were some people in the service industry who described the tipping for take-out as absurd, yet others encouraged her to find another job and part of them even blamed the employer and the government.

Here is the story of Taylar Condova which raises the issue of tipping.

A Mother Trying To Survive

Taylar Cordova a young mother working as a waitress, just like many people in the service industry she relies on tips for her salary in order to make ends meet and survive together with her daughter.


The Receipt

Cordova served a table in March where the customers spent almost $200 on food and drinks but left no tip at all.

Everybody knows that leaving no tip means you were unsatisfied with the service. Cordova claiming in her statement that she gave them good service but still didn’t receive any tip, made her feel upset. Although we have no proof that she gave a good service, we can feel her honesty.


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