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Taylor Swift Is Proving That The Old Taylor Is Dead With Reputation Album


Taylor Swift has returned and is warning us that the old Taylor is dead. She is proving it too, with the release of her new album named Reputation. 


She definitely came back stronger and more powerful. In her album, she describes her evolution through the years and she sure seems angry in some of her songs. We don’t know exactly why yet, but with these shady lyrics from Reputation is definitely giving a few shout-outs to former friends and boyfriends. Check out this list, compiled Ranker, that aims to decode her not so veiled references to some from public peeps.

It was so nice being friends again

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This is a line that comes directly from the song This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things which is clearly a comeback to all the Kanye West drama. After the Kanye’s hijacking, the two became friends until Kim leaked a recording of a conversation between the artists that made her look like a liar. This is why we can’t have nice things…

Another drama

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Look What You Made Me Do was her first single where she is addressing the ways the press and the public attacks her and where she makes fun of herself too to prove she is not a total cry baby!

I don’t like your perfect crime

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These are the lyrics form Look What You Made Me Do that refer to the many relationships she has been through. But turns out that this line is for David Mueller who after groping her, she sued him and won the symbolic figure of $1. Her aim was to bring attention to the harrassment and call it out as not OK.

I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us

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This is a line from the song Gorgeous, where she is alluding to Hiddleston. “I’m so furious at you for making me feel this way,” she sings later, probably to Alwyn. Gorgeous is followed by Getaway Car, a song which goes deeper into the Hiddleston breakup.

But I’m not the only friend you’ve lost lately

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This line is from This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things where she refers to Kanye’s and Jay-Z’s feud earlier this year.

I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined

This line is for Katy Perry since the two have gone through a very public feud where Perry said that Taylor is like a character of Regina George from Mean Girls.

If a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing


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The lines from I Did Something Bad could be about Calvin Harris who has not kept mum since his split with her.

Reputation precedes me, they told you I’m crazy

Official #LWYMMDvideo world premiere. Sunday 8/27 at the @vmas.

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From the song End Game, she is taking on her critics with this line by saying “That’s not me, that’s just what I attract.”

The ties were black, the lies were white


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After Taylor and Harris broke up, the singer met with Hiddleston at the Met Gala 2016. They danced “embarrassingly” at the event and that was the start of something that maybe immortalized in the song Getaway Car. 

I never trust a playboy, but they love me

I really miss them 😍😍 . @taylorswift @twhiddleston . #taylorswift #tomhiddleston #hiddleswift #reputation

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The tune is from I Did Something Bad, where Taylor could be referring to something that happened after her breakup with Harris. She and Harris became an item and were seen jet-setting together.

Here’s to you because forgiveness is a nice thing to do

#ReadyForItMusicVideo. Link in bio.

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Could this mean she is ready to forgive everyone?

Don’t blame me, love made me crazy

#ReadyForItMusicVideo. Link in bio.

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Swift could be acknowledging her messy love life and amping it up at the same time as she is saying “Crazy? I’ll show you crazy!”

Younger than my exes

This line just has to be about Alwyn who is younger than her. She is comparing him to someone like John Mayer who is 14 years Alwyn’s senior and seeing who is more mature.

I loved you in spite of deep fears

Necklace from Joe and Clothes that looks the same 😉 @taylorswift #JoeAlwyn #TaylorSwift #Blue #romantic

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The 28-year-old could be again referencing her relationship with Alwyn that is a nonstop mess of cameras and questions but as long as they are dancing, its okay.

A circus ain’t a love story

Throwback setahun lalu, yang min kira akan forever and ever 🙈♥️ #taylorswift #hiddleswift

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When she and Tom Hiddleston were dating, the media was a circus. In the song Getaway Car the lyrics really describe her romance with Hiddleston.

I’ve been breaking hearts a long time

What a great first show. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹📸@thegarden

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This line comes directly from the song Don’t Blame Me where she references her long line of love affairs with older men. But she’s moving on now.

My reputation’s never been worse

Taylor came down to say hi to fans over at the #Reputation pop-up store in New York.

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The singer is also looking at her private life and the public image wherein these lines from Delicate might be sung to Alwyn when his love helped her when her critics took the best of her.

All The Boys In Their Expensive Cars

EVERY time i see her guitar i smile.😀 EVERY time i see her smile i fly🔥👑💞 EVERY time i see tay’s fan liked my pic i check twice (Maybe it’s tay 😅😅)🎉 EVERY time i listen to her i cry a happy tears 😢❤❤💙. EVERY time they call me “Swifta” i look at em and see … 😂and walk 🔥🔥💜 EVERY time i see her i die 🌋 So how do u want me to leave IG and👑 hang out with you while i found the hapinnes with her . I LOVE U❤❤❤😍💋 @taylorswift @taylornation ❤❤ @taylornation @taylorswift #1989 #reputationera #lookwhatyoumadedo #readyforit #Gorgeous #CallItWhatYouWant #selenagomez #shawnmendes #charlieputh #arianagrande #dualipa #calvinharris #joealwyn #sexy #sex #saxo #morning #pic #selfie #perfect #Edsheeran #Beautiful #marthahunt 💞💞💞

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She was seen in a Range Rover with Calvin when they were dating and in a Jaguar with Tom when they were a thing. These lines from King Of My Heart, a reference to her old loves.

If you’ve got a girlfriend, I’m jealous

The singer confirmed that the song Gorgeous is about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn who she is dating currently. The song is about her being in a sweet puppy-love phase, but not sure how the other person feels.


Vol 1

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I don’t wanna be just another ex-love

Calvin Harris has had high-profile girlfriends including Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding and in this line, she could be stating how she doesn’t want to be in that category of “ex-loves.” Oops!

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