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Swimwear Company Promotes Body-Positivity While Helping Charity


How many times have you found yourself dreading the imminent arrival of summer because you felt self-conscious about your body and how you would look like at the beach? Well, one swimwear brand believes it is time to put an end to it once and for all by eradicating photo manipulation and promoting reality instead.

American Eagle’s lingerie and apparel sub-brand Aerie is now squashing stereotypes about how one should look in a bikini by promoting a body-positive philosophy where the company’s customers are its models. Instead of using the services of professional models, Aerie promotes their designs by using untouched images of women with a magnificent array of body shapes and sizes.

The brand has started an Instagram campaign where people wearing their designs are encouraged to share their own photos using the #AerieREAL hashtag. The campaign is also raising money for the  National Eating Disorders Association and Aerie donates $1 for each snap shared using #AerieREAL; bear in mind that most of Aerie’s swimwear retails around the $20 mark.

“Wow she is gorgeous, and finally a model with my body type! 💜” one Instagram user wrote.

“My big booty and hips that make me a size 10? I love them for giving me a curvy hourglass shape. My love handles that roll over when I bend and turn? They are my sassy statement in a swimsuit” another girl captioned her post.

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Monday. Technically, I’m at the office. Mentally, my toes are still in the sand 🏝 #aeriereal

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