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Swineapple: A Pork And Pineapple Recipe Is This Summer’s BBQ Hit

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Do you remember how Frank Reynolds played by Danny DeVito created the (in)famous Rum Ham while vacationing on the Jersey Shore in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? If you do, you remember how the eldest in the Gang combined his passion for booze and food in one disgustingly-ingenious invention which has since inspired many fans of the show to make their own version. Now, the internet seems to have spouted an equally shocking gastronomic invention that is sure to delight those who love pineapple and pork in equal measures: the swineapple.

The image of a grilled pineapple stuffed with pork and wrapped in woven bacon strips will surely make some stomachs churn, but it obviously has its faithful fans as various swineapple recipes and tutorials have swarmed the internet over the past few days. If a vegetarian summer does not rock your boat very much, you can find out how to prepare this lard-filled delicacy here.

1. Remove the exterior of the pineapple and leave the bottom intact. Slice the pineapple stem off


2. Remove the core and some of the pineapple center leaving at least 1″ of pineapple intact


3. Pack some season boneless ribs inside the pineapple


4. Wrap the pineapple in bacon or a bacon weave and secure with toothpicks


5. Grill the pineapple at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 to 5 hours or until the internal temperature of the ribs reach 160 degrees F


6. Remove the swineapple from the grill, slice about 1″ thick and enjoy!

Watch the full recipe preparation in the video:


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