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This t-shirt is every traveller’s dream


The only thing that really annoys me about this traveller t-shirt is that I didn’t invent it myself. Sure I’ve invented it millions of times …looking for something to point at that is similar to what I need or doing some kind of shady charade to act out my needs…but pictures on a t-shirt…it’s so damn simple and obvious! If you’ve ever been stuck for language while travelling you can immediately see how this smart t-shirt would knock down all barriers and enable you to engage freely with all the locals wherever you happen to be.

Useful and stylish!

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Each t-shirt has 40 different symbols, designed to help you in any situation. For example, if you need drinking water.


how to say corkscrew in French? #iconspeak #paris

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Now you don’t need to learn any new vocabulary!

Or even buy a ticket for the boat.

Our World Edition is THE original, THE ultimate traveller shirt. It is the very idea that led us to start this business and create a new and pure form of functional wear. Take this shirt to anywhere and it will lead you to everywhere…

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