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Taco Shop Owner Gives Warm Coats For Homeless In The Parking Lot


You are probably one of the million people who enjoy eating tacos. You must enjoy all the cheese, lettuce, beef, and of course, the sour cream and salsa. There is nothing better than having a warm welcome in a nice and cozy restaurant where people care about the tacos they prepare for you. Emilia Flores is one of them. Not only does she prepare them meticulously, but she also makes sure everyone keeps warm on the coldest days. Her heart is more than compassionate.

Emilia believes that the homeless people and everyone else who feels cold should be helped. She has a Leave-A-Coat/Take-A-Coat program located in the Taco Shop’s parking lot in Dallas. There is a clothes rack and a sign so that people can collaborate. the idea is now in the second year, and she says in an interview: “We need reminders that people need to be kind to one another. Nothing else matters.”

She saw it in a small town where she got the inspiration for this idea. Emilia wanted to give charity, not for people to ask for it.


It all started the previous winter when Emilia started offering coats to the homeless people in front of her shop.


Then, people started donating coats that they no longer used or needed. In this way, the less fortunate would have a warmer day and a warmer winter.  Here is a picture of Thomas, who used to work in the Army. He is one of the many people who donated a trench coat and topcoat.


“I can just see somebody walking around in that,” Thomas said. After a few days, a construction worker picked up Thomas’s coat. How wonderful!


Flores says why this is so important in her interview: “This is a way of people not being embarrassed about asking. They just come and pick what they need and leave.”

This season, this project is still on, so you can stop by and donate something warm that you no longer need!


Source: WFAA8

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