Taiwanese Designer Mistaken For A Fashionable Teen, But What Is Her Real Age?


Would you like to know the secret to staying young and youthful-looking? Well, apparently, Lure Hsu can help you out. Take a look at what this Taiwanese interior designer looks like. How old do you think she actually is? I would say 18. But, be prepared for some jaw-dropping information. She is 41 and looks like she isn’t aging at all! What kind of magic turned her into this youthful-looking body? Her advice is simple. Water and as little sun exposure as possible.

Her advice is simple. Water and as little sun exposure as possible.

The now Internet-popular designer’s appearance is extremely deceptive. You could easily think she is a college student, unless you ask for her real age.

Lure was first noticed by the public because of her younger sister, Sharon Hsu, 35, who is an actress. She invited Lure to attend an entertainment show with her in 2015. Later on in August, Sharon shared a post on Facebook where she explained they celebrated Lure’s 40th birthday. Her fans were absolutely shocked.

Quickly after, Lure became pretty famous on social media. Her Instagram account reached 234,000 followers and her Facebook account is liked by more than 341,000 people. The youthful lady is called ‘the goddess with a frozen age’ by social media in China and Taiwan. And they are totally right.


She revealed her top secrets during an interview with Taiwan’s Friday magazine. It’s simpler than you think. She claims moisturizer, vegetables, and little sun exposure to be the reasons behind her flawless look.

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“Moisturizing is so important – in fact, ageing, fine lines and other skin problems moisturizing can reduce.”

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“In addition, to keep skin healthy the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it – especially in the summer.”

The DailyMail reports that she also recommends a cup of black coffee in the morning, but stay away from Coke or any other sugary drinks.

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As a fan of the vegetarian diet, she likes pak choi in particular. For her, avoiding strong dipping sauces is important, so she sticks to light-flavored dishes instead.

Another crucial thing is to use sunscreen in the summer. She is not a fan of tanning, as it makes the skin wrinkly after it dries out. Lure added that she takes nutritional supplements every day, such as Vitamin C pills and collagen, to help her maintain glowing skin.

And we can’t wait to see her 15 years from now!


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