Take Back Your Privacy With This DIY Lace Privacy Window

Take Back Your Privacy With This DIY Lace Privacy Window


In this installment of Coral TV’s weekly videos, we are going to learn how to make a DIY Lace Privacy Window.

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If you have a sheer bathroom and privacy is an abstract term for you, this is exactly the DIY video you need to see.

In a very simple, three ingredients way to create a beautiful, lace privacy window.

What you’ll need is:

Water, boiling and room temperature

Corn starch

Lace, enough to cover your entire window

Standard-sized paintbrush

Crafting scissors (sharp, please!)

Measuring tape


Measure the window and cut the lace to fit the proportions. Dissolve two tablespoons of cornstarch into a quarter cup of water. Add two cups of boiling water to the dissolved cornstarch. You might have to add a little bit of cornstarch as you go along. You want to achieve a white, jelly consistency.

privacy 1

Take the piece of lace and place it on top of the window. Once you’ve adjusted the lace to perfectly fit the edges of the window, take your cornstarch paste. Use your brush. Make sure to apply the paste thoroughly.

privacy 2

Once that’s dry, you have your very own DIY lace, privacy window!

privacy 3

If you are hesitant of the end result, take a look at some of the comments people left under the video once they made their very own windows.

“I used this method and it worked fantastic” said Lauren Johnson. “Thumbs up ladies!!”

User Mo Sey thought of an even better idea: “I did this on some glass sliders, but instead of painting which would have taken forever, I soaked the fabric in the solution and then hung it, worked great.”


Do share your experience with us if you decide to go ahead with this!

Source:Coral TV, tiphero

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