America's Got Talent Very Own Trooper, Anna Clendening!

America’s Got Talent Very Own Trooper, Anna Clendening!

 Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Anna Clendening, competed on season 9 of America’s Got Talent, finishing as a quarter-finalist.

The Chapel Hill, NC, 24-year-old Anna is now signed on Funk Tizzy Records and has two albums under her belt. But it wasn’t always all roses.

The video opens with a shot of a family sitting backstage. Anna is in a summery dress, seated between her parents. She is holding her acoustic guitar on her lap.

She is accompanied by Nick Cannon to take the stage. Anna looks visibly anxious.

talent 1

Right at the start, during the little convo of questions and answers between the judges and Anna, she reveals to the audience that she suffers from anxiety and depression disorder.

“Two or three months ago, I was bed ridden and I hadn’t left my house for a couple of months.”

In a series of a few montaged backstage moments, she explains that she was diagnosed with the disorder at 14, and she suffered multiple panic attacks throughout the years. Life is truly a chore for her, not something that comes naturally.

talent 2

“I just felt so bad about myself… I didn’t like who I was, I didn’t know how to bring myself out of it…”

“We felt helpless. We didn’t know which way to turn and nothing was working and music found her,” said her father.

Back to her on stage, Howie Mendel congratulated her on her courage and said that just by her being here, she already made it big!

She is then asked to perform.

What is to come will move anyone. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen is the song she had chosen to perform. Her voice is like a raw diamond.

We can hear her trembling while singing. As she is finishing the verse, we see Mr. Mendel entranced by her song. He gets up to meet her on the stage and gives her a big hug.

talent 3

The girl is shook.  She is beautiful in her triumph. She had risen above her sorrow.

Her parents are in tears.

talent 4

All of the judges voted positive in her favor.

I am just going to close this article with Howie Mendel’s words to Anna.

“Life is filled with peaks and valleys. You have seen and experienced a lot of valleys. Tonight, young lady, you were on a peak!”


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