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They Talked About Her In A Chatroom And Accidentally Added Her To It


There is an unwritten rule that goes ‘what’s said in the group chat – stays in the group chat’. No matter what you’re talking about, whether it’s running out of coffee, our running out of boys to have sex with – zip it.

The utmost importance of this, imposes the necessity to vote and let 48 hours pass before the members decide whether a new person should be let in.

SO! If you accidentally add someone that shouldn’t be in there, you’re in for some whooping. And there’s this group of guys who did this exact thing, and with the girl they were actually talking about in the chat.

It could have gone down the route of singing her praises, saying: ‘Oh she’s lovely’, but of course it didn’t. 22-year-old Eleanor Henry was thrown head first into a conversation between fellow students who were discussing, erm, ‘throwing her on a bed’ among other sexist comments.

The law student, studying in Melbourne, Australia, posted screenshots of the conversation she was never meant to see on Facebook, saying that it’s one of the reasons she will ‘die a feminist’.


“For those asking, they accidentally added me to their chat group without realising I could read everything prior,” Eleanor said in a later post.

They posted pictures of her in the group and gave each other advice on how to sleep with her, imagine that.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 22-year-old said that it left her feeling understandably uncomfortable and ‘sick’, but has been overwhelmed by the amount of support she’s received since posting the screenshots.


She is now considering reporting her classmates after this year’s exams finish because she shouldn’t have to sit among people who make her feel “dirty, embarrassed and so, so offended.”

Source: theladbible

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