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We Talked To Cut.com To Find Out More About The ‘100 Years Of Beauty’ Videos


If you are a fan of  makeup, beauty and history these are the videos for you. The website Cut.com likes to take beautiful models and likes to show us 100 years of beauty in different areas. The first video is based in the 100 year USA beauty. Times change so do looks, check it out and enjoy…

When we asked Cut.com where did they come up with this idea for 100 years of beauty this was the response:

Christopher Chan: 100 Years of Beauty began as an idea from one of our producers, Blaine Ludy. Blaine also came up with the internet-breaking concept for 100 Years of Beauty: Aging. We had seen videos from youth working on class projects about beauty standards and time—we decided to explore these questions using a format at our disposal: a time lapse to show how aesthetic preferences are constructed and deconstructed over time.

The second video we have posted is 100 years of beauty in Korea, and it is just as awesome as the USA video and beautiful too!   Check it out below…


The third video we have posted is the 100 year beauty change in India. It is so awesome to see that every culture and every place has it’s own beauty, and India for sure does not shy away when it comes to beauty!

We asked the team how long does it take to go from an idea to a completed video and we got a really simple response:

:We’ve started and finished projects in very short amounts of time, and we are still working on projects that we have spent months and months on. This is because each video represents dozens of people behind the scenes, access to research resources, and locating the model.


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