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What is Patricia Krentcil AKA ‘Tan Mom’ Doing Now?


Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersey mom got the nickname “Tan Mom” because she was obsessed with tanning treatments. This escalated when she was accused of burning her daughter’s legs when the 5-year-old showed up at school with burns on her body. But what has happened since to the deep-bronzed diva?

In 2012, Krentcil was accused and arrested for taking her young daughter to a tanning session with her, where she allegedly suffered burn damage. New Jersey has a ban on children under 14 using tanning beds, Patricia pleaded not guilty to the second-degree burns and charge of child endangerment.


Apparently, there wasn’t enough evidence to support the charges against her.


Over the last 5 years, Patricia has given up tanning after an intervention by her family. Patricia seems to be improving. She has also managed to keep her fame alive by engaging in various projects, such as making a cameo in an adult movie and promoting skincare books.

Moreover, in 2013, Paricia entered rehab for alcohol abuse.

But what’s most important for her is that she eventually quit tanning and has now got her life back on track. Back in March, she called into the Howard Stern Show and told listeners that she “might be moving to Dallas” with a man she met at a party and is currently dating. She described him as a “NASA stock broker, Fortune 500.”


Here is what the 50-year-old mom looks like today. The pictures were revealed by Life and Style MAagazine.


She seems to be doing great, we must admit!

Also, she is currently part of The Howard Stern Show Wack Packers. This is an unusual group of people who contribute to programming with their comical quips.



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