Tanya Cheban's Renaissance Brigitte Bardot Makeup!

Tanya Cheban’s Renaissance Brigitte Bardot Makeup!


The Seattle, WA – based, 19-year-old beauty vlogger, Tanya Cheban, takes us through her Renaissance inspired contemporary makeup tutorial.

In the video, Miss Cheban uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, thus the name of the video. The palette is a composed of 14 shades of eyeshadow, ranging from velvety beige to crimson red tones. ‘Renaissance’ is just the right adjective to describe this palette! The whole look is deeply romantic and softly theatrical! At the end, Tanya looks like a pastoral Brigitte Bardot!

She advises that this warm, plummy, brown smoky eye is a summer night look.

1. Prime the Eye

In order to avoid creasing of the eye shadow, prime the eye at the very beginning. Proceed with the first eyeshadow from the palette that you are going to use. That will be the ‘tempera’ shade. We need this particular shade to perfectly set the eye. Apply all over to the lid up to the browbone. ‘Burnt Orange’ is going to be our transition shade. Apply it above the crease and blend it as well as you can! Apply the ‘Raw Sienna’ right beneath the ‘Burnt Orange’, right in the outer edge crease of the eye. Blend!

makeup 1

‘Warm Taupe’ is going to go on the outer corner of the eye. It is the perfect shade to define the eye with and introduce depth. We continue layering the outer corner with the ‘Realgar’ shade. Going back to the crease, we use the ‘Red Ochre’. ’Love Letter’ will be applied right above the upper water line. Paint the lid with ‘Antique Bronze’. ’Cypres Umber’ will strengthen the definition outer corner of the eye. Blend it as well as you can with a fluffy brush so there won’t be any harsh lines!

makeup 2

Use eyeliner to finish the definition of the eye. Tanya uses small angled brush and a gel liner.

makeup 3

Apply mascara and don’t forget the fake eyelashes! Outline the brows as well! Don’t forget to highlight the brow bone!

makeup 4

2. Foundation

Prime the face. Tanya uses a foundation stick for the foundation. For cream products, she recommends using a brush to blend the foundation as well as possible. Use a beauty blender after you’ve blended 80% of the foundation. Cover up the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer. Blend it with a beauty blender! In addition, apply a loose powder under the eyes and the t-zone.

makeup 5

To finish off the eye, color the waterlines with a black pencil. The finish the lower lash line of your eye apply ‘Cypres Umber’ and blend in! Further, deepen the lower lash line with the ‘Raw Sienna’ shade. Highlight the inner corners with ‘Vermeer’.

makeup 6

Apply just a little bit of bronzer to contour the cheeks. Proceed with a blush and a highlighter.

makeup 7

3. Lips

Line the lips with a lip liner. Tanya uses the Dolce K Lip Liner. Finish off with a liquid matte lipstick.

makeup 8

Watch below for the whole look!

Source:Tanya Cheban

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