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Target Creates New Clothing Line For Special Needs Children

Target Creates New Clothing Line For Special Needs Children

Target launched a new children’s line products earlier this week.

The Cat & Jack line expanded to accommodate adaptive clothing for special needs children!


The adaptive apparel industry has targeted adults for a longer period of time. Seniors and people with disabilities being the main groups. Children’s adaptive wear is also available, regarding that the choices are partially limited.

Children with disabilities can struggle with tasks such as putting on clothes and shoes. Wearing clothes that will not get stuck in a wheelchair can also be an issue.

Target offers a stylish and affordable collection of items to help make those tasks more easy. Presently, there is a collection of 40 pieces to pick from and a subset of pieces for children with sensory disabilities. Sizes can vary depending on the item, going from toddler to XXL.



The selection offers feet-less pajamas, tees without tags and comfortable leggings. The design team at Target met with both children and parents for their insight on how to tend to their needs. The company produced a line they can be proud of by mixing the technical and the creative.

Ultra soft fabric was used to create flat seams and disposing of tags that could lead to skin irritation. These are some of the sensory-friendly options at Target’s new collection. Children with conditions such as ADHD, autism and those that are oversensitive to clothing, can now feel at ease.

Some tops include abdominal access for children feed through a feeding tube. And for children who need extra diaper coverage the collection offers specially designed leggings or jogging pants with side and back snap features. A large number of these items consist of concealed openings.

Some of the tops have abdominal access for those children who may use a feeding tube. Bottoms like leggings or jogging pants are specially designed for kids who need extra diaper coverage. And many of these items include side and snap backs, as well as concealed openings.

Children can easily slide their jackets on and off with the cleverly designed outerwear.



Pajama nightmares are now a thing of the past with the reversible one-piece now introduced. The zipper is located both on the front and the back. This will surely keep those little paws from unzipping their pajamas during the night.

Target is a familiar face when it comes to creating inclusive fashion. Their plus-size swimsuit campaign was a huge hit, where models would proudly show their bodies.

This is terrific news for millions of children living with disabilities. On Target’s official website you can look at how children modeled some of the clothing. The company relies on parents’ feedback in order to improve and expand.

You”ll certainly love what Target has to offer if you are on the lookout for adaptive wear that is both functional and stylish. Target set an example that is quickly being followed by designers such as Tommy Hilfiger. They are now jumping to the market as well. Talk about going in the right direction!

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