Tarte’s rainforest after dark tutorial for attractive eye makeup


Face painting exists since the beginning of the human race, its even mentioned in the Old Testament. Since then eye makeup is a very important part of the complete look. Women constantly change  makeup stiles and every season there is a new trend. If you are one of those  who are following the latest trends  we think that this tutorial is exactly what you are looking for.   Tarte’s new Rainforest After Dark Palette is the real hit for  the autumn -winter season.



Tarte’s This After Dark Palette Contains this shades:


The shades included in this edition are:
1.Tarte’s well known light matte bronzer.

2.Amazonian Clay blush with a mauve-rose hue.

3.Matte pink beige shadow.

4.Satin plum mauve shadow.

5.Shimmery dark plum shadow.

6.Metallic gold shadow.

7.Matte tan shadow.

8.Matte chocolate brown shadow.


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