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This Tattoo Artist Proposed To His Girlfriend In The Riskiest Way Possible

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Getting a tattoo is a risky thing, but what can be riskier than proposing to your loved one with a tattoo? Vinny Capaldo-Smith, a Denver-based tattoo artist, probably chose the riskiest way to propose to his girlfriend. But it was the most romantic thing he did, too. Can you imagine what her answer was? Find out who cried at the end of the story.



Vinny had always wanted his ‘lady barber’ girlfriend Brooke Wodark to tattoo him, but he also decided to do something else at the event. Brooke thought she was just doing a simple red heart on his leg, but then she got surprised when she had to answer the yes-no question.

Brooke was very nervous and shaking before doing Vinny’s tattoo on June 20 this year. It seems right as she is giving a tattoo to a tattoo artist, although he is her boyfriend. As Brooke got ready, putting her gloves on, Vinny lifted up his shorts and tells her that he isn’t going to look and she could fill in her answer. Wait, what?



It seems like she isn’t quite sure what to think at first but as soon as he pulls out the ring, she begins to cry.



Brooke manages to make a line on the ‘yes’ box, and she begins crying again. The couple hugs before the video cuts out but it looks like she did manage to finish the tattoo later. Isn’t Vinny’s idea adorable, but also a little out of left field? Makes me glad she said yes. Imagine his disappointment if she picked a ‘no’. It would’ve been one of his least favorite tattoos.

Brooke later posted to Instagram about the proposal. “The first day of the rest of our lives! I’m a fiance y’all!”

In an interview with ABC News, Wodark explained that she never suspected that her boyfriend would propose via ink.

“I really didn’t see this coming at all which, looking back, I should have maybe expected a tattoo of some sort. It was everything I ever wanted and more.”



The couple plans to marry in fall 2018. And we hope they are planning ring tattoos as well!

You can watch the whole video here:


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