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8 Tattoos From Failed Relationships Covered Up Hilariously


The problem with tattooing the name of your partner is that tattoos are forever, yet most relationships aren’t. Still, it seems like there are always a significant number of people who in the rose-tinted phases of their relationships forget this fact and instead choose to believe that their romance is somehow different than most others that ever happened and immortalize it with some ink on their skin.

And then reality hits them. Once that inevitably happens, there are two choices a person can make: laser, or humor. These eight chose the latter and obviously achieved what laser removal never could: move on and get over the heartbreak and disappointment that every once-great love which has crashed and burned brings with dignity and courage.

1. Olivia, who taught this guy that s**t happens

He could’ve learned that just by watching Forrest Gump and save himself a lot of heartbreak.


Source: Tattoodo

2. Megan, who had a man with a sense of humor, but didn’t really rate him

Hollie, you’ve got yourself a keeper!


Source: Skin Arts

3. Melissa Etheridge to the rescue!

Now he has to listen to fourteen studio albums, two live ones and thirty-eight singles to make it plausible.


Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

4. When women have failed you, only a man can help

Who needs a certain Kelsey when you can have Dr. Frasier Crane?


Source: Mixed Martial Arts

5. Ryan Wilson > Nathan

And who in the world is Louise?


Source: Oddee

6. Sarah, you’re old news, it’s all about Sarahcha now


Source: EMGN

7. Who wouldn’t want Marge Simpson sweeping spilled beer from their floor?

She’s such a character compared to Mary, who was never there in the first place.


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8. Sometimes, one needs to go for the primitive approach

If you cannot come up with the proper joke, just go with what a 5-year-old schoolboy would do. Anyway, it’s what she said you were, anyway, right?


Source: theCHIVE
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