Taylor Swift Is A Clone Of A Satanist, According To Conspiracy Theory



The internet is the ultimate omen to freedom of speech, which basically means anybody can say anything. So people tend to say whatever they want and conspiracy theories find a moist, dark place to hatch out their outlandish conjecture.

All eyes on Taylor Swift this time…

While there has been much postulation about the pop princess, involving evil twins and mind control, the latest is possible the epitome of hooey with legs.

Taylor Swift is actually a clone of a satanist…

Some idle fingers found a video from the 90’s with a satanist that looks similar to Swifty and just ran with the  idiotic idea…which has now gained some momentum on the interwebs.

Check her out here and see if you too think there’s a Swift inside the satanist…



And here are the believers…

Others believe she’s the reincarnation of LaVey:

Or the semi-believers who think they may be related…


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Sooo… Awkward doppelgänger ? 🙈😂 #taylorswift#zeenalavey#satanist#antonlavey#shakeitoff#lol

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What do you make of it?

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