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Stop What You’re Doing And Look At Taylor Swift’s Brother


Taylor Swift, is one of the biggest stars of our time. At 27, she’s done wonders with her career as a singer and songwriter, when most people are clueless about what to do with life. Always spotless, always taking the high road, she’s an inspiration to young people everywhere and you’ve probably sang at least one of her songs in the shower. Don’t pretend you didn’t.

Plus, the girl is flawless, and this is without the help of any plastic surgeries, mind you.

It seems like the good looks run in the family because her little brother Austin looks very handsome and attractive. His transformation over the years is one that has our jaws on the floor. The paparazzi thought he was the singer’s boyfriend.

We have all been here watching the evolution of Taylor Swift. She was just a teen with country roots when she started singing.


Leading to one of the hottest pop stars in the world.


She is only three years older than her brother, Austin!


She appreciates her family very much and she often thanks them in acceptance speeches, writes songs about them and even takes them with her on tour.


Even her hairstyle was on point back then.


Can you really imagine your sister becoming a celebrity and tour around with the biggest name in music today?


Well, it seemed like Austin didn’t care that much…


After high school he decided to go to Vanderbilt University in Nashville to study photography. Good choice.


Soon, paparazzi would start to call him Taylor’s boyfriend which is of course totally weird.


He got to be Taylor’s plus one on award shows, so who cares what people are saying.


In time, he became friends with Taylor’s friends. So much #squadgoals.


It’s pretty clear that he and Selena would’ve made a beautiful couple.


After some time, Austin transferred to Notre Dame Univeristy where he got really into the acting scene.


They are power siblings.


We’re very convinced that everybody in this family just gets hotter with age.



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