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Middle School Teacher Provides ‘Menstruation Support Packs’ That Are So Discreet And Cute

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We usually think of people getting their periods in high school, but nowadays, things can be a bit different, some children hit puberty as early as eight years old. One middle school teacher was absolutely prepared for this. How would you feel having stained pants while you head to the office to search for some pads? Probably shocked, embarrassed, and dirty. Middle school teacher, Kristin Heavner thought this through and made sure that girls who get their periods unexpectedly can come to her classroom for help. Her ‘menstruation packs’ are handy, discreet, and helpful.

The Michigan-based teacher took it to Facebook on September 11 to post about this little ‘project’ of hers and the feedback she got was wonderful.


Kristin Heavner shared her simple idea that has really hit home with a lot of girls.

In her Facebook post, she notes that while pads are available from the school’s main office, the public act of waiting in line to receive an enormous pad is a bit embarassing.

So she devised a new plan.


Source: Facebook | Kristin Heavner

Each “menstruation care pack” includes a few pads, tampons, and panty liners, as well as a couple of disposable wet wipes.

She packages them up in the cute zippered cases that also come with her Ipsy makeup samples.


Source: Facebook | Kristin Heavner

This makes it very easy for students to quietly ask for help. It’s great because the package is discreet and does not scream “look at me, I’m on my period!” Simple pencil cases could also be repurposed for the same use.

Kristin says that she always makes sure they know they can take as many as they need.


Source: Me.me

This teacher has started an excellent support project to deal with a somewhat embarrassing and private moment for young girls.

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