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She Says Her Naughty Technique Is The Best Way To Give Birth


For a lot of girls, giving birth can be frightening. But if you talk to any mom she will immediately give you tips to get through child birth to make the experience as easy as possible. And believe us, all the ice chips, drugs, singing, breathing – all of it has been tried and done.

Angela Gallo is a perinatal professional from Canada who now calls Melbourne home. Over the last years she has been visiting Australia, Mexico and Thailand and in the process she made a couple of her own babies.


Source:Huffington Post

On her blog, Angela shared her reasons on why women should pleasure themselves during child birth and it’s not weird at all.

1. What gets the baby in, gets the baby out!

It’s oxytocin, baby. Experiencing a “stalled” or lengthy labor? Need a natural pick-me-up? Well, just touch yourself baby girl. It gets the good stuff flowing.

2. Pain Relief

Have you ever had a headache or been so hungover that you couldn’t even sleep? You can just decide on a mini-masturbation sesh and voila, headache magically done. Of course that many of us do it and that’s because it works.  So why would it be any different to using clitoral stimulation in during/between contractions?

3. It feels good!

Mood boost anyone, or you want to feel more relaxed? You already know that satisfied, tired feeling you get after an orgasm, it’s right there. If you feel tense, anxious, stressed or unable to rest, get back to basics with some deliciously luscious clitoral love.

It’s true that her methods are may look unorthodox but while some people are criticizing Angela’s method of pain relief, others are taking the approach. But what do you think? Let us know and enjoy!


Source:Angela Gallo
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