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Teen Generates Huge Backfire With Her Claims That She’s African-American

Teen Generates Huge Backfire With Her Claims That She's African-American

How would you feel if your parents revealed to you that you aren’t actually the ethnicity that you’ve thought you were your whole life?

Victoria Waldrip is currently causing a lot of backlash online after revealing that she is actually black.

The Atlanta-based 17-year-old, known by her online alias as woahhvicky revealed that despite her pale skin and blonde hair, she is actually African-American. She also uses the N-word regularly and embraces everything she sees as African-American culture.

“My whole entire life my mom kept telling me ‘you’re white’ and I never believed her because I knew I was black.” one of Vicky’s posts says.

In another video the 17-year-old teaches her followers how to fight while wearing a grill in her mouth, repeatedly saying the N-word, arguing she can use the term because she’s black.

Her posts continue to focus on her race – in one video she tells her followers they’re ‘racist as f**k for not accepting her self-identification’.

Victoria says in another post:

“How are you gonna sit here and tell me what race I am? If I say I’m black then I’m black.”

All of these comments were followed by what she claims are DNA results that show 44-45% of her ethnicity is African while the rest is European.

Originally she said she was 25 per cent black and showed a test which said something else, and the reason why the results differ is so far unclear.

With all of this heat she is sparking up, she has also generated a ton of hate from her followers and fans, most of them labeling her as racist.


One comment read: “Your [sic] not f****** black . Your mom and dad must have dropped you on your d*** head.”

“Your [sic] racist! You talk like an idiot and put funny headgear on your head and call yourself black! Its like you read a book on stereotypes and imitated it.” Another one said.


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Even though she has been met with quite the criticism, she still continues to claim she’s black, going as far to produce makeup tutorials on YouTube meant specifically for African-American women.

In an interview with Michael McCrudden, Victoria said she realised she’d ‘made it’ after rappers shared her videos – including the likes of Snoop Dogg and Plies. She also stated that she wants to be a rapper and maybe even have her own show one day. Taking the Danielle Bregoli route there.

Da streets raised me

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Even though both of Victoria’s parents are Caucasian, she claims that the African-American ethnicity comes from her grandfather who she claims is black.

Yeah, I don’t think having a black grandfather will take up almost half of your ethnicity, but whatever you choose to believe, I guess.

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