The Teen Dance Squad That Made Shape Of You Even Sexier

The Teen Dance Squad That Made ‘Shape Of You’ Even Sexier


Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You is now everywhere. The song starts playing as soon as I start my car. The song is playing over at my dentist.

A guy sat next to me the other day in the subway. Guess which song was coming from his headphones? You guessed it!

I have a weird inclination to hate songs which are on the radio constantly. It can sometimes be overwhelming and counteractive, as well!

However, after a certain time has passed, I realize that, unwillingly, I know the words from this song.

It started with naively humming a few words, here and there…

Then, I started moving my hips to it a little bit.

Next thing you know, I am looking at live performances of this song. Ed is great.

Thanks to YouTube recommending similar videos, I found a video of cool teens dancing to the song. The choreography works seamlessly with the rhythm of the song. On top of that, some of the moves are also an allusion to some of the lyrics of the song.

The action takes place at the Kyle Hanagami’s Dance Studio in Los Angeles. Kyle Hanagami is the supervising choreographer for NBC’s World Of Dance as well as to the Jennifer Lopez backing dancers.

The dancers that appear in this video are, as follows:


Haley Fitzgerald, Stephanie Mincone and Emma Hauser

shape 2

Evan DeBenedetto, Adam Vesperman and Michael Dameski

shape 3

Ryan Vettel and Emma Hauser

shape 4

Idaliz Cristian

Of course, the choreography wouldn’t look as glamorous and sexy if it wasn’t for the camera work of Ryan Parma. He is a freelance director base in Los Angeles. I find his camera work to be really poignant since he really makes sure to flow well with ever ebb and flow of the choreography. He accentuates all the important angles and curves.

Check the work of everyone involved down below! Tell me what you think!

Source:KYLE HANAGAMI , popsugar

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