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18 Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Of The Modern Teen Age


Fashion trends seem to be quite subjective these days. There are a ton of ways we can separate people depending on the kind of clothes they wear: monochrome or colorful, baggy or skinny, modest or designer, you know the drill.

Despite how different people can be when it comes to the clothes they wear, there are certain fashion items that 99% of people won’t take on board, no matter what happens.

Even then, there are quite a few teens who have taken fashion trends to a whole new [and ridiculous] level, and frankly, we don’t know whether to be stunned, shocked, or just plain disgusted.

So with that being said, here are some teen fashion trends that will certainly leave you scratching your head regarding what has become of this generation

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover

2. Underwear with suspenders? No thanks

3. I get that some teens are pulling down their jeans to show their Calvin Klein underwear, but this guy is taking it to a whole new level

18 Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Of The Modern Teen Age 1

4. Gotta have the remotes by hand, right?

18 Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends Of The Modern Teen Age 2

5. Justin Bieber – well known (among other things) for the ridiculous drop crotch pants

6. Nothing wrong with ripped jeans, but these are just weird

7. What. Literally, not even a question mark, just… what.

8. These jeans are just a little bit too stressed.

9. Olive colored overalls with pointy shoes? This is the next generation (okay, maybe not)

10. Тhat looks inhuman

11. Here’s a very good point – Justin Bieber’s drop-crotch pants are just like wearing a sweatshirt on your legs.

12. I don’t even know

13. Taking layers to a whole new level

14. Why, though?

15. If a band with a missing accordion player hired this guy, he could have literally played himself!

16. More of this jeans-around-your-ankles nonsense

17. Both legs are mostly identical, so you’ll be fine if you see just one of them

18. And again, I don’t know

I’m afraid this generation is screwed, people.

If you’ve actually worn any of the items on this list, don’t tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Just answer one question; why?

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