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When Teen Asked Someone To Help Her Family, Mom’s Stunned When He Shows Up At The Door


It’s pretty hard being the one in the family who has to take care of everything, especially for someone who is disabled. That means extra hours and extra attention.  For 16-year-old teen Maiya James and her family, it is a daily struggle taking care of her severely disabled sister, Mariah. She needs 24-hour care and her mom tries so hard to keep all of her doctor appointments. She does everything to keep the family together.

When the family van broke down, Maiya’s mother lost the only way to transport Mariah and she couldn’t afford to repair her car. The teen was desperate to help her mother and sister and she looked on the internet for ways to get help.

Finally, she found a local car dealership that she thought could at least hear her out. Maiya sent the owner an email describing the story and plight of her family.

The team at Dani’s Auto were very touched by the email and the teen’s story so Joe and Dai Levi decided to help this family in need. They showed up to the James’s house taking Maiya’s mom by surprise.


Maiya thought that they were there to get the car fixed like she asked in the email but the dealership had a different idea.

“This wasn’t just someone asking for help, there was a whole story behind it that I could relate to. It made me want to be a part of it,” Joe said.

The team had not come to fix the car, but to give them another van. Of course, the mother broke down in tears as she was moved by this gesture from total strangers.

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