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Teen Invents Bra That Can Prevent Cancer After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer


After an unhappy event in his life, a Mexican teenager created a bra that provides early warnings for women developing breast cancer. When Julian Rois Cantu was 13 years old, doctors diagnosed his mom with breast cancer for the second time. His mother spent years battling this disease and it eventually resulted in a double mastectomy. She got the diagnosis too late, so she had to lose both of her breasts. Luckily, she remained alive, and her son is making history now, as the bra could possibly help women all around the world to prevent breast cancer.

Julian decided the world needed a better way to detect early signs of breast cancer, as he saw his mother struggling. Women should regularly examine their breasts, but it can be difficult to determine subtle changes in the body. That’s why the Mexican teen invented an “auto exploration bra” that could save millions of lives.


The young entrepreneur created the bra using biosensors. The bra uses them to measure temperature and alerts the wearer to any changes that may be worrying. – and now it could potentially save the lives of millions. The now-18-year-old’s innovative bra contains 200 sensors that can spot early signs of breast cancer.

This magic bra is an easy fit to your schedule. Women should only wear it one hour a week. In this time period, the sensors in the bra map the surface of the wearer’s breast and gather vital information. Sensors track texture, color, temperature, and blood flow. Next, the data is transferred via Bluetooth to a computer or app. By looking over this data, you can see whether or not you have any unhealthy changes in your breasts.

Source: Higia

Julian quickly established his own company, Higia Technologies, when he was only 17 years old. Higia’s mission is to improve the lives of women and prevent breast cancer with new technology. The company recently received the the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.

Source: Telegraph

Although he is so young, he is changing the lives of so many women with his ingenious invention.

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