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Teen Becomes Famous After Losing Half His Bodyweight In Amazing Transformation, But Did He have Surgery?


Can you imagine your life changed for good in only one year? With good motivation and great effort, you can achieve almost anything. At least this young Macedonian student from Skopje proves so. Ilija Rajkovcevic weighed 15okg and was 180cm high on July 1, 2014, but after a year he managed to achieve a weight of only 89kg at 182cm. Is it a marketing trick or a true story by a man who really had a body transformation? Videos and pictures say this is true. Let’s find out the story behind it.

In less than a year, Ilija, from Skopje, Macedonia, a small country in the Balkans, lost an amazing 90 kilos and also transformed into a muscle-bound model. Ilija said that he couldn’t bear to look at himself in the mirror and, therefore, decided to turn his life around. With the help of a diet, dedication, and daily exercise, he achieved his aim.

According to local media, Ilija said: “I could not look myself in the mirror and look at myself sinking further, lonely with food. From that day, I have been going to the gym every day, and fitness and practice became my way of life.”

He also adds: “I have been lonely my entire life, a target of jokes and mockery of others. One day, I told myself, that’s enough. Finally, I was mentally prepared to cope with my weight, and I became mentally stronger as they melted. Today I am a completely different man, full of confidence and self-belief.”

His video on YouTube went viral and has over 3,6 million views now. The Goce Delchev Business College student spends his days at the gym and eating healthily.

But working out hasn’t just given Ilija physical strength, it’s also improved his mental strength and his outlook on life.

His YouTube posts have received numerous comments, especially after the photo in the video where he wrote: Before/After surgery.

Dexter wrote: “You got my respect, dude!”

Another commenter though, adds: “100% not one year, even with steroids kind of impossible.”

Ilija didn’t confirm that he had a surgery in his comments, although people were constantly asking about it. Some referred to a skin tightening surgery, but he didn’t comment. Anyway, his transformation is amazing.

Source: Ilija Rajkovcevik

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