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A Teen Was Crowned Queen Of Petty After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Right Before Prom


Prom night is a big deal for many high schoolers out there. It’s not only the date that is important, but girls also have a hard time choosing the right dress. For many, it just happens that their mother’s prom dress is the best one, and teens are becoming more aware of not spending money on an expensive dress instead. Others choose luxurious and expensive ones, while some get dumped right before prom. Maria, a Colorado girl, was one of the ladies who got dumped right before prom, but what she did to get revenge on the guy is both hilarious and extra smart!

Maria had been dating her now ex-boyfriend for almost a year, 11 months, to be exact. It’s a week before their prom, and something terrible happens.


Her boyfriend, who is also her prom date, decides to dump her right then, just a few days before prom. Everything was ready – the shoes, the dress, the complete look.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

“He had to go on a basketball trip, and called me and said, ‘This isn’t working out,'” Maria told BuzzFeed News.

But that wasn’t all. He had the audacity to ask for his ticket money back! It was a total of $95 that he spent on prom expenses.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

Maria found out that he actually needed the money to go to another prom with a different girl, and she was devastated.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

She then decided to pay him back in the strangest way. Maria started brainstorming with her girlfriends and they came up with a brilliant solution.


She did pay him back. After visiting several banks and doing it in pennies.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

She left it on the porch for him to collect, and then tweeted about it.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

Twitter crowned her the queen of petty, and some called her a “hero”.


However, her ex also showed up on Twitter, explaining that he isn’t pissed at all. He actually thought it was hilarious!

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria

The ex-boyfriend also explained to the media that he broke up with Maria because they were constantly fighting. Maria then got a promposal by one of her male friends and she eventually had a date.

Source: Twitter | @panchal_maria
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