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Teen Killed Herself After Having No Escape From Her Abusive Relationship


A 18-year-old student in Scotland, who was beaten by her boyfriend took a horrifying picture showing her red, swollen face only days before killing herself. Emily Drouet sent the picture to one of her friends proving that she was abused at the hands of Angus Milligan. Her relationship with him was a violent one while he would slap her if he thought she had lied. He bought her bondage restrains for her 18th birthday and also encouraged her to sleep with other men.

She was found dead inside her halls of residence in Aberdeen, Scotland in March 2016, as she felt like she was not able to escape from her abusive boyfriend. Last week Angus, 21, pleaded guilty to assault and also admitted three charges against Ms. Drouet telling the court that he had choked her and sent texts calling her a “slut” and a “b**ch.”

Emily’s parents, Fiona and Germain Drouet said that even the picture makes them very upset to watch, they want to share it with the world to raise awareness.

Her mother told the Daily Record: “I want to jump inside the picture and cuddle her. I want to tell her that she could have spoken to me, that she could have asked for help. We would have been there.”


Her mother also said that she would appear nervous when Angus stayed at their house by replying to them with only one word. Milligan often would send her sweet texts but after some minutes he would be launching vicious tirades against her. The family is more than sure who was the one to blame for her death.

Fiona added: “If she had never met Angus Milligan, she would be alive today. If she had never met Angus Milligan, she would be alive today.

“Within six months, that man destroyed our daughter and wrecked our lives. He’s just complete evil.”


The 45-year-old mother saw the picture only after her death and watching it still makes her cry.


Emily’s 13-year-old sister Rachel and 11-year-old brother Calvin still don’t know what to make of this situation. They had never seen their father cry but now he does it everyday. The incident occurred in March 2016, but Fiona and her husband, Germain, are still in shock.


Earlier this year, students and friends of Emily with the permission of her parents, gathered to celebrate what would’ve been her 19th birthday. They have also vowed to keep her memory alive.

The co-organizer of the party wrote to her social media: “So, this Saturday marks the 19th birthday of our beautiful Emily Drouet. Over ten months we have gone without our best friend beside us.”


Fiona hopes that her daughter will help people understand that violent and abusive relationships should not be normalized. She truly hopes that we can put a stop to domestic violence.


If you are in an abusive relationship or feel suicidal, there are resources out there that can help you, please speak with someone you trust and seek help.


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