Reckless Teen Thief Leaves His Phone In The Car He Broke Into

Reckless Teen Thief Leaves His Phone In The Car He Broke Into


Eliza Webb was in for a big surprise when she found out her car had been broken into.

She was missing some of the items that were in the car. This unfortunate event took place in Seattle after a drunken night out took a turn for the worse.

However, there was a silver lining to the whole ordeal. The thief had left his phone inside the car.

This smart lady then decided to up the ante and instead of calling the police, she called the thief’s mother.


During the hit, he managed to come in possession of some of her personal belongings, but he left some of his own as well, and on top of that, that happened to be his phone, which in this day and age is like leaving fingerprints all over a crime scene. The phone was on the front seat.

It didn’t take much for Eliza to find his mother’s phone number. She rang the number.


Not much can compare with the sheer terror of having your mom find out that you got yourself in trouble, especially of this kind. Luckily, having worked as a social worker with troubled teens throughout her life, Eliza decided to turn a blind eye.


“We knocked on the door and he answered… with a sort of defeated look.” Turns out, the young fella and his friend had hit 10 more cars in the immediate vicinity. Using intoxication as his defense, the man said he was not in the position to account for his actions. Eliza’s husband also had to suffer irretrievable consequences due to his personal indiscretions with alcohol under the legal drinking age. She knew quite well what could’ve happened if she introduced the authorities into this. She decided they should sort things out between themselves.


Eliza and his mom came to the joint conclusion that the now 24-year-old man was to go from door to door and give back the stolen items to each and every victim, as well as an honest apology.

That’s quite a constructive and alternative approach to justice. Young people who indulge in criminal activities already know the drill and their ways around the disciplinary process. They are becoming more and more detached from and unfazed by the outcome. For some, tough love might do the trick.

Source:ABC News , auntyacid

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