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This Teen Transforms Herself Into Iconic Movie Characters


We have to admit it, Halloween is our all time favorite holiday. You can play dress up and have fun with yourself looking like someone you always wanted. But also, it can get pretty scary. From scary costumes, the sky is the limit.
Well for this 17-year-old, everyday is Halloween. Annelies Marie Francine dresses up as Audrey Hepburn, Disney princesses etc. She also has an Instagram account, where her followers can see her transformations everyday, from Hollywood icons to Disney princesses. She says: “A year ago I cut my hair into a pixie cut and people started telling me I looked like Audrey Hepburn.” Take a look at the pictures below and enjoy!

You can see her as Jo Stockton in ‘Funny Face’ complete with a yellow dress and white gloves.


In this beautiful picture, she dressed up as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday. Vintage never looked better.


She ordered these earrings online, when she dressed up as Sabrina from “Sabrina”.


Here she is dressed up as Ariane in ‘Love in the Afternoon.’ She decided to add the black and white filter for a more vintage look. It really works.


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