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Teenage Girl Brilliantly Trolls Guy Who Asks For Naked Pics


Girls can get messages all the time from creepy men who want to see them without any clothes on. I think that the younger kids of the internet have their own word for that. Believe it was ‘nudes’.

Anyway, a high school student named Jacquie Ross from North Carolina was talking to her classmate Michael, as they were both on the Prom Committee. Pretty soon, the conversation switched to what the two would be wearing on the big night.

The conversation between the 16-year-old and her friend was going pretty innocently, when suddenly, Michael texted “Show your outfit”. And after that message was sent, Jacquie sent in the cloud that started raining a world full of hilarious and nerve-wracking pranks to Michael.

Teenage Girl Brilliantly Trolls Guy Who Asks For Naked Pics 1

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jacquie explained:

“I told him I wasn’t fit for pictures of the whole outfit at the moment. He asked why, and I sent him a picture of the face mask, not even considering how you could see my shoulders.”

Michael seemed excited by the small amount of skin showing on the photo of Jacquie with her face mask, as evidenced by his use of some equally excited emojis.

Following the emojis, Michael asked “What’s below the picture”

Teenage Girl Brilliantly Trolls Guy Who Asks For Naked Pics 2

And Jacquie literally flipped the bird on her friend.


Michael was persistent and asked, What’s under the towel” and this was the question that embarked him on a lengthy-prank that probably caused him to rip his hair out.

She replied, ‘Another towel’, which apparently spurred Michael onto full creep mode, when he replied, ‘I’m gonna get what I want’.


And as Michael persistently kept wondering what’s under each towel, Jacquie just showed more and more towels.


And just when Michael thought he cracked it at the 18th towel, Jacquie trolls him yet again and reveals the 19th towel.


At this point, any sane person would just realize that they’re being pranked and would quit, but Michael was not to be beaten.

After 19 towels, he said ‘Take off all the towels on your body and take a pic’.


As you probably guessed, Jackie was still not giving up that easily. Under the 19 layers of towels, there is a robe.

Poor old Michael who STILL didn’t give up asked what there was under the robe.


And guess what? There was another towel underneath the robe!

It’s safe to say that Jacquie put Michael in his place, and we totally salute her for this.

Remember ladies. If some creep ever asks you for nudes, take inspiration from Jacquie here. If you do, you might just earn legend status.


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