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There Are Comics About A Teenage Goth Girl Falling In Love And They’re Everything


Love is challenging you guys, whether you’re a teenage goth or not.

Especially hard if you’re a teenage goth.

There you are, between your four walls, meticulously painted black, listening to the magical, inarticulate sounds of death metal, thinking about death… And suddenly you remember that cute guy in school and your heart starts to flutter, and a pinkish-red wave tries to emerge from your heart. You try to shut it down by dwelling on the cruel, dark side of the world but… But Sam is so effin’ cute, damn it.

The person behind this is JP Ahonen, a freelance illustrator who lives in Finland. He’s partly responsible for the graphic novel Sing No Evil (Perkeros) and the author of Villimpi Pohjola, Belzebubs and some other comic strip titles.
According to his website, he spends most of his spare time with his wife and kids, and enjoys cooking, fooling around with the guitar and getting tattooed.

He actually sounds like a person I wanna hang out with. And you’ll want to as well, after you see these comics.

1. Yeah, seek your business elsewhere, Cupid.


2. At least his name is convenient. It can easily become Samael so that you have an excuse for being such an enamored, fluttery-eyed sissy.


3. This is exactly the conversation that happens on the non-goth tables too.


4. Oh, good. Call the FBI on my romantic gesture, why don’t you. It was a GIFT, Samael.


5. What better way to tell someone you have a crush on them than this?


No one escapes love and heartsies. Hope you know that now, goth or not.

Source: 9gag

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