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Teenager Tweets A Hilarious Picture Of Her Cousin’s Head Strap Looking Not So Cute


Parents can be desperate to keep their children safe. Mothers constantly look for new inventions to keep their children at ease and keep themselves at ease as well.  A concerned mother was extremely excited to try a support band for her daughter to keep her secure while sleeping in her car seat. After she bought it and tried it on her cute daughter, she shared the hilarious result with her family. Celeste, the teenager, the mother’s niece, shared the picture of her little cousin on Twitter on July 27.


The picture has gone viral and soon you’ll see why…


At first, Celeste explains, her aunt thought this was practical for keeping the sleeping babes head from falling forward.


Celeste’s sleeping little cousin is leaning more forcefully into the strap, which has slipped lower over her face. She is obviously sleeping, but the strap has pulled one of her eyes open. What makes the picture hilarious is that the child’s mouth is covered in a sticky blue substance as well.

However, it wasn’t properly secured and the little girl ended up looking funny. ‘So my auntie bought this so my cousins head wouldn’t be rolling around on the road and this is what happened,’ Celeste writes.
She then shared a screengrab from Amazon of a ‘Colorful Toddler Car Seat Neck Relief and Head Support’. The strap has fabric on the front and a buckle in the back, only to keep a toddler’s head upright. It seemed like a good product for $7.99, but in the case of Celeste’ aunt, it was a hilarious disaster.

Celeste was quite amused when she posted images on Twitter, where even more people found it funny. Her tweet has been liked over 47,000 times.

Source: Dailymail

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