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An Activity We Do Everyday Is Causing Temporary Blindness


A lot of hospitals across the country are seeing more and more patients between ages 22-44 years old complaining about a temporary blindness. They say that they’re going blind between 2-15 minutes.


After doing MRI scans, heart checks and conducting tests, doctors also took a closer look at the women’s behaviors and that’s exactly when they made a shocking discovery.

A lot of us go through Instagram scrolling and scrolling before sleeping. Now, doctors have linked excessive phone usage to this pattern of temporary blindness and sadly one woman continued doing this even though the doctors warned her that the damage could be permanent.

A further research that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine helps us understand why using your phone at night can cause temporary blindness. That’s because most of us check our phones while lying on one side of our body and this causes one eye to work overtime while you’re analyzing your phone.

Night time connection

Night time connection

While doing so, one eye gets used to darkness and the other one gets used to the brightness of the screen and when we finally go to sleep, this discrepancy between the eyes confuses the brain.


This confusion can lead to temporary blindness and can also cause lasting damage to the eye. The light that comes from the LED screens on our cell phones is absorbed by our eyes in quantities better than before.


Doctors have been unable to diagnose temporary blindness caused by LED lights since smartphones are so new.

Some Researchers at Harvard have also discovered links between cell phone light and a range of other illnesses. These include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

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