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The Ten Most Awkward Fashion Items That Make No Sense At All


Albeit fashion is a safe haven for freedom of expression where one should not be afraid to show who they are, it is also that freedom who allows us to realize we actually don’t like who some people really are. Here are ten candidates for the Most Awkward Fashion Choice award in the summer of 2017.

1. If you want those areolas to really pop, just attach these little stick-ons to your breasts


2. Crystalized tears hanging by a thread from your eyeballs will help you show your emotions


3. For animal rights activists, there is no better way to show you care than having a trapped mouse running around your neck all night long


4. If you are a person who’s not afraid to show a bit of bite, this bracelet was made for you


5. Denim is one of mankind’s greatest invention and there are no limitations to its applicability


6. Robin Hood: Men in Tights


7. The handsfree umbrella – because it’s the closest thing to fulfilling your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut


8. Straight from The Monster Book of Monsters by Rubeus Hagrid, these necklaces are going to rock the Fall 2017 collection


9. For those self-conscious about their unpronounced eyelashes


10. Female lips and breasts – the timeless objects of awkward male appreciation



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