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Ten Hairstyles For Those Of You Who Are Always Running Late!


Always in a rush? Some people can’t just can’t help being always late! And they never seem to know why really.

Are you in that bunch? Because someone made a super easy running-late-hairstyle video and we have it here today.

Lyss Ryann is Style Haul partner and a Youtube star best known for her beauty tutorials and vlogs . She has even released a beauty app on iTunes in December of 2015. She has more than 120K subscribers, and for a good reason.

The fascinating thing about this video in particular, is that all you actually need is a hair tie. Maybe not one, but still, it’s the only tool. And some of these styles look like they’ve been done by a pro, when in reality, they take mere minutes and can make you look like a pro!

There are ten of them, which should be enough for a month, if you repeat your favorites occasionally. Our personal favorite?

This amazing side ponytail with a braid twist.

hairstyle 1

This uber-chic simplicity.

hairstyle 2

And this hot-event-worthy amazingness. Yes, it’s a word.

hairstyle 3

And there are seven more to choose from. Including buns, which are huge right now.

Which one are you doing tomorrow? One thing’s for sure, you won’t be late because of your hair 😉

Source:Lyss Ryann

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