24 Tension Rods Maneuvers Until You Get Your Dream Mansion

24 Tension Rods Maneuvers Until You Get Your Dream Mansion


You think that tensions rods are just bars stretched from one part to the other? Wait till you see all the different ways in which you can use different sizes and shapes of rods to complement your space and save yourselves from much unneeded clutter.

1. Bookshelf Covers


Source:Better Homes and Gardens

You know how we all try to hide clutter at the very last minute? These bookshelf covers will help you to do just that. But please make sure to have everything in control behind that cover, just in case.

2. Hanging Garden



This is a great way to introduce some greenery into your space. Simultaneously, you help those little plants to be fed and to grow stronger and healthier each day.

3. The World’s A Stage


Source:Sunshine on the Inside

You know how kids like to play pretend that they are rock stars and what not? These super cool parents made their kid a backstage using tension rods and some fabric, so that the little rock star can make an entrance!

4. The Safe Place


Source:Better Homes and Gardens

That vintage table can store stuff at the very bottom, but their owners decide to simultaneously hide the dishes and decorate the table by putting that beautiful curtain there.

5. Private!


Source:This Old House

Your cat has the right to privacy as well. You also have the right to protect your eyes from the litter box. Hide it in your bathroom behind some covers using tension rods.

6. Jewelry On Display



To prevent your jewelry from tangling and to be able to better choose what you wanna wear on a particular occasion, have it on display at all times with these little rods installed in your wardrobe.

7. Kitchen Marquee


Source:Musings from a French Cottage

Want to give your kitchen a more romantic look? Try the marquee.

8. Scarves On Display



Just as the case with jewelry, hang your scarves on display as well. This will save you space.

9. Portable Drying Rod



Are you just starting to accommodate your one-year old into your life? No place where to dry their little clothes? Try this hanging drying rod.

10. What’s Under Your Bed?


Source:Seagrass Interiors

Prevent books and shoe boxes sticking out from under your bed with these DIY dust ruffles.

11. Tupperware At Bay


Source:Montana Prairie Tales

Stack your tupperware lids in a way which their access is easy and they don’t use up all the space in your drawers.

12. Gates



This is a safe way to limit your baby’s movement throughout the house just as she’s starting to walk. You will keep her protected at a very low cost.

13. Vertical Shelves


Source:Skona Hem

This has got to be my favorite use of the rod. Such elegance.

14. Vintage Curtain Bed



Fancy yourself a movie star? Or maybe a fairy tale princess? Tension rods will help you do just that!

15. Hanging Decorations


Source:Better Homes and Gardens

This is a way to keep your hanging decorations neat and safe at the same time!

16. Pan Lids


Source:Everyday Home Blog

Lids can be frustrating. Organize them in this particular manner.

17. Avoid House Cleaners Clutter


Source:A Thousand Words

We all keep our detergents under the sink. The thing is you have 15 different house cleaning products, and they tend to make a lot of clutter. Use the rods to have them hanging and save your nerves.

18. Make Space


Source:Apartment Therapy

A good way to put to use all of the unused space in your wardrobe.

19. Cutting Boards


Source:Martha Stewart

Remember what we did with the tupperware and the lids? Apply that to the cutting boards as well.

20. Filing Cabinet


Source:The House on Hillbrook

Turn your desk drawer into a handy filing cabinet.

21. Curtain Door


Source:The Painted Cottage

Do you have some dead space in your home that doesn’t seem to perform any function? Turn it into anything that you require at the moment and keep some privacy with a curtain door.

22. Papertowel Holder



This is a second favorite. I literally wash and dry my hands while I am cooking more than 34 times. So I want my paper towels close to me. This is a great way to have your paper towel right under the sink.

23. Crafy Way To Organize Your Crafts


Source:Apartment Therapy

If you are one of the DIY nation people and are into crafts, then you would recognize genius immediately with this DIY maneuver.

24. Never Enough Shoes


Source:A Loyal Love

If you are one of those shoe freaks, but they already started to get the best of you and your space, remember that you can always use tension rods to keep your 67 pairs organized to a T.


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