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These Innovative Tents Will Change Camping Forever


For those that want to escape the hassle of the urban environments and socialize without being forced to stare at a mobile phone screen, camping is a great activity. I think you all know that camping requires a place to stay overnight like, oh I don’t know, tents perhaps?

Well, I’m sure you’ve never seen a tent quite like this before.

These innovative creations are what’s known as PodTents, the tents of the 21st century.

Innovative Tents 1

Launched in 2013, this company brings tents into the 21st century. An innovative modular design, with easy assembly and the ability to connect them together.

There are two models. The PODMini, which fits 6 people and comes in at a somewhat hefty £399 (circa $625), and the PODMaxi which fits eight and comes in at an even more hefty £499 ($780)

That’s quite a bit of money, and considering that you need to pay extra to connect them together (£89), this can be quite the investment.

It may be worth the investment though, as if you’re going with a lot of friends or a lot of people in general, you can just set up these tents and just have your own impromptu tent hotel!

Innovative Tents 2

Here are a few of them connected together

Innovative Tents 3

And here’s how roomy and full of light they are on the inside

Innovative Tents 4

Check out these amazing innovative tents in action in the video below:

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