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You Certainly Wouldn’t Want To Drive On These Terrifying Roads


Since the invention of motorized transport, we can’t really imagine our days without our car, motorcycle or truck. We use them to go to any place, even if it’s nearby, because sometimes we’re just too lazy to walk. We use them to carry stuff, and people and depending on the vehicle, they can be used to have some fun too.

To get around on these vehicles, however, what do we need? Roads! And while the roads we tend to drive on a daily basis are just normal, with the occassional bit of traffic, lights to wait for and pedestrians, some roads around the world are extremely dangerous, and you would be advised to stay away from them. This video from YouTube channel TheRichest definitely proves this.

This channel shared a video in October 2015 to their 8.1 million subscribers, and the video has amassed well over 95 million views since then. I hope at least 80 million of those understood the warning that they should stay away from these roads. Check out a gallery of just some of them below:

Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand

Just about everything you can expect from a dangerous road is here: carved into the side of a mountain, no barriers, no safety features and it’s very, very narrow.

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The Zoji La Pass in India

I think this photo perfectly explains it. Not only is it overlooking a cliff on the left side, but just imagine these truckers driving down this road surrounded by livestock.

According to the video, the mud after rain can become so sticky that even the best-prepared off road vehicles with the most sophisticated four-wheel-drive systems can still get stuck.

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Even in perfect weather, the fact that it’s constantly used by large trucks and livestock makes it one road that you should stay clear of.


Passage de Gois in France

Although this road that connects the island of Noirmoutier with the French mainland may not seem all that bad, that opinion quickly change once the tide rises.

Yep. Twice a day, the tide rises and completely submerges this stretch of road, and the people who were unfortunate enough to drive on it at that point, let’s just say, tend to get stuck.


The Patiopoulo Perdikaki Road in Greece

Over the entire 23.5km (roughly 15 miles) length of this road, the elevation changes around 1640 feet. Add in hardly any barriers and seriously sharp turns, and you get a scary highway that may be a lot of fun if you have a fast car and are a good driver.


Check out these roads along with some more arguably more dangerous ones in the video below.

Would you drive on one of these if you absolutely had to? Let us know in the comments!


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