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16 Ideas If You’re Going Crazy For Textured Nails

textured nails

We all know that feeling of constantly having nails that are just colored in and have nothing to make them pop whatsoever. So, what would you say about textured nails?

Textured nails are a craze just as much as the next new interesting and intricate nails, and they make your nails truly pop by texturizing your nails with an interesting design.

If you want to give it a try, here are 16 textured designs that are sure to make your nails a talking piece!

1. Make any color explode by giving it some textures

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 1

Source: Instagram | @nails_by_crystal

2. This shade of purple will make you look like a princess

You’ll look like royalty in no time with these dazzling diamond nails. Waves of glitter ripple through every one of your fingertips on each hand.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 2

Source: Instagram | @tking_of_nails

3. Who said that the color brown and shiny jewels don’t go together well?

These look as sweet as brown sugar and they shine just like jewels.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 3

Source: Instagram | @roger_thenailartist

4. These knit pattern inspired nails

The knit patterns on these look so cozy, and they look subtle compared to the crazy intergalactic glittery designs on the other ones.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 4

Source: Instagram | @sohotrightnail

5. Treat your nails to something sweet

These rainbow nails look just like they’ve been seasoned with some sprinkles. Delicious!

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 5

Source: Instagram | @yverevista

6. А little bit of black and blue

This is a subtle shade of blue, and your will look will burst with glamor thanks to the sparkling gemstones on this design.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 6

Source: Instagram | @hand_bananass

7. Shine like a superstar

No, not like an Adidas Superstar sneaker, but like, an actual superstar.

The diverse collection (by diverse, I mean of course black and a few shades of gray) of colors and patterns is very unique!

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 7

Source: Instagram | @nailsrart_paola

8. Тhis snowflake pattern is perfect for the winter



Source: Instagram | @thebeautyboxnailsalon

9. These villainous black nails will unleash the femme fatale within you


Source: Instagram | @thebeautyboxnailsalon

10. A little bit of the Midas touch

This design colorfully shines, but still remains very tasteful.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 10

Source: Instagram | @polishednailbardv

11. These matte oil slick textures look like your car has had a bit of an accident on your nails!

Didn’t mean that in a bad way.


Source: Instagram | @jackalopebaish

12. A certain shade of blue

Give your nails a little bit of class with these quilted designs for your index and middle finger, and a little bit of gold for your pinkies.


Source: Instagram | @haiduchi

13. These kinda remind me of orange and chocolate flavored hard sweets


Source: Instagram | @catalinanailexpert

14. Some very intricate 3D rose and flower decorations


Source: Instagram | @nails_bymslegend

15. These gorgeous, VIP-esque high-class matte black nails


Source: Instagram | @artlana.nails

16. And finally, this design that will make you look like a queen no matter where you go

The rings complete that look.

16 Textured Nail Art Designs 16

Source: Instagram | @glamournailart
Main image via Instagram / @haiduchi
Collage images 1. Instagram / @haiduchi 2. Instagram / @yverevista 3. Instagram / @artlana.nails

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