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You Probably Have The Thalassophobia But Never Realized It


Have you ever heard of Thalassophobia? Seems like a pretty big word, huh? Well, it’s also a common phobia, an irrational fear of something that can do you no harm. Like, a fear of the unknown, but in water. And what could be more harmless than water? A glass of water sounds perfect.

How about a babbling brook? What if that brook drained into a big river? And what about when that river ends? It winds up in the big and dark ocean. Keep reading the post below to find out what Thalassophobia really is.

1. First question, are you afraid of deep waters?


I mean, would you ever freak out if your feet couldn’t touch something solid beneath them? Nothing to cling onto out in the open water and is that thought unsettling for you?

2. Do you also get anxious about what might be lurking in the depth of the water?


That’s because you can’t see what’s happening down there and that’s Thalassophobia which is an intense and persistent fear of the sea.

3. When you once get into the ocean, a number of creatures could sneak up on you


Whether they’re friendly or not, any sea creatures could sneak near you without realizing.

4. And that’s not the worst part either, what about the massive creatures out there?


You might have no idea what’s lurking beneath you and there’s Thalassophobia again. Not a general fear of water but a fear of a single specific panic trigger.

5. Have you ever thought about those shipwrecks laying at the bottom of the sea?


Like the wreck of the Titanic, are you afraid of what could be found down there?

6. Wondering what’s near you when you can’t see when you’re swimming?


If it the lake or ocean, it doesn’t matter. Thalasophobia sufferers are afraid of the deep water whether or not there is risk involved.

7. Does the footage of creatures from the ocean depths make your skin crawl?


Oh, wow, thanks internet. I have Thalassophobia now.

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