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15 Thanksgiving Hacks Handy Throughout The Whole Year


Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. It’s almost synonymous with a huge family dinner. And preparing a feast of such proportions can be nothing if not stressful. That is why you need all the help you can get, and there are few things that can be more helpful than the life hacks the Internet is always ready to provide.

‘But Thanksgiving is already over,’ you say. ‘It was last week!’ No worries, calm down. Just because the holiday is over, it doesn’t mean you don’t still need to prepare food. There’s no time stamp on these hacks, suggested by Diply. You can use them whenever you want! If you want to make your life easier, that is.

1. Preparing in advance

You can do certain things beforehand. Simple tasks, like chopping vegetables and making gravy can take up a lot of your time. Which is why it’s a good idea to do them earlier, and then you can keep the veggies and the gravy in the fridge. Or in the freezer, if you prepared them way in advance.


Source: Pixabay | dbreen

2. Warming the potatoes

You hate it when your mashed potatoes go all cold and gluey? Here’s the solution! Prepare the mash in a slow cooker. Cover the slow cooker with butter, add a little bit of heavy cream, and pour the mash. Set the cooker to low and cover with the lid. Don’t forget to stir every hour. That’s how you get wonderfully warm and smooth potatoes for dinner.


Source: The Typical Mom

3. Protecting the table

Not having a proper table pad doesn’t mean that your table cannot be well protected. Use a newspaper instead! Put a layer of newspapers under the tablecloth. Works like a charm!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

4. Mini pies

When you make little pies in a muffin tray, use a parchment strip placed under the dough to prevent sticking. Your pies will never be broken and messy again!


Source: Oggi Pane E Salame, Domani

5. Simmering potpourri

Make your house smell amazingly warm and cozy and holiday-like by simmering a batch of potpourri on your stove top. Prepare a combination of cinnamon sticks, citrus, ginger, and vanilla. Add water and put on low heat until it boils. Check on it occasionally and add more water if needed. Enjoy!


Source: Half Baked Harvest

6. A 3-tier oven rack

If you need to bake more dishes at once, then you need one of these 3-tier oven racks. Place your turkey, pie, and casserole in the oven at the same time! What a great idea!


Source: Amazon | NIFTY

7. Easy centerpieces

Food is obviously the most important thing at dinner, but the way your table looks is a close second. An easy way to make a wonderful centerpiece for your table is using mason jars filled with seasonal things. You can put in anything, from popcorn kernels to acorns. Add a little tealight inside and you’re done!


Source: Live Laugh Rowe

8. Keep things clean

Things can get quite messy when you’re using a hand mixer. Use a paper plate as a shield to prevent splashing. You really don’t need extra things to clean when you’re already so busy during the holiday season.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

9. Leftovers

Turkey soup and sandwiches are the traditional way to deal with leftovers. But if you’re feeling like doing something different this year, you can prepare a batch of nachos instead. Turkey, cheese, green onion… These look absolutely delish!


Source: Bless Her Heart Y’All

10. Avoid lumpy gravy

No-one likes lumps in their gravy! There’s nothing worse than that! To avoid this, just switch your all-purpose flour with a quick-mixing one. The flavor will stay the same, and the lumps will be a no-show!


Source: Serious Eats

11. Portions

When you are preparing dinner for a lot of people, it can be difficult to gauge how much food you’re going to need. Here’s a chart that will help you:


Source: Whole Foods

12. The perfect place setting

For those of you who like throwing fancy dinners and impressing their guests, this is how you properly set a table:


Source: Brunch At Saks

13. The perfect pie

To make sure the crust of your pie is tender and flaky, add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to the dough.


Source: Pixabay | freestocks-photos

14. Baste your turkey with cheesecloth

There are so many things to think of that it’s very easy for one of them to slip your mind. Cover the turkey with a cheesecloth soaked in flavoured butter, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to baste it.


Source: Nicole Franzen | People

15. Washing potatoes

I know, I know. It sounds weird. But hear me out. This is actually a genius way to save time when you’re hosting a dinner for many people. Load the taters on the top rack of your dishwasher, run it through a rinse-only cycle (this uses cold water and no detergent) and voilà! Your potatoes are clean!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady
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