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The ‘Human Barbie’ Without Makeup Is Totally Unrecognizable!

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The Real-life Barbie is famous worldwide. For sure you have seen the Ukrainian model. The human Barbie became a real internet attraction when her pictures went viral all over the Internet!

Some people couldn’t believe she is real because of a very good reason! It’s more than obvious that all her body proportions don’t make sense for a human and more importantly her plastic surgery made her look like a barbie doll!

But besides all the plastic surgeries the Ukrainian model called Valeria, says she has to spends hours doing makeup to look like a Barbie. What’s even more shocking, she lives off a strict vegetarian liquid only diet, and she spends hours in the gym on a daily basis.

Take a look at these pictures of Valeria where she is fully made up.

She looks like a Barbie who has come to life.


Here she is like a mannequin instead of a human being.


Even Valeria’s friends look like Barbie.


Valeria has more than 40k followers on Instagram, proving her recognition among the public. There are times when Barbie seems to crave a more natural look.


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