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The Internet Goes Crazy Over Hot Personal Trainer Nicknamed ‘Tree Man”


When it comes to men who are good-looking with touch-tempting abs and gorgeous soul-stirring eyes, the Internet will never have enough. Remember the attractive salt-sprinkling steak chef or the hot mugshot guy? Of course, you do. And even though, they will always have a place in our hearts it’s time for a new hottie. Now, Danny Jones takes the spotlight. The hot personal trainer from Southern California is incredibly muscular and just over two meters tall. The Internet is calling him ‘Tree Man’ because of his extraordinary height.

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And it’s all thanks to the user @vickto_willy, who “discovered” the man and introduced him to everyone on social media.

She shared two pictures of him to her Twitter, captioning them “This is not a man, this is a tree.”

The pictures were liked more than 48,600 times, and retweeted by 25,200 Twitter users to date. This guy is getting all the attention now, and it’s not just because of his height but also the sheer sturdiness of his buff body.

Soon after the twitter user, shared the Instagram account from the Tree Man himself.

“Go plant some seeds,” she wrote. This was probably an invitation for other people to admire him as well, which obviously they did. Danny woke up to 8k new Instagram followers, the following day.

Danny made an impression on the men as well.

The 31-year-old was surprised by his sudden fame but managed to remain humble and just replied thank you.

However, he also posted a photo on  Instagram embracing his new title.

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“I figured I might as well embrace it… #treeman,” the personal trainer wrote.

“I think you’re more along the lines of a Redwood…,” said one commenter. “Tall, massive, and majestic!

It didn’t take a lot of time for Instagram users to follow his already-popular Instagram page. “So, the last 24 hours have been absolutely crazy,” he told the Daily Mail. “I went to bed the night before last just like any other but woke up to 8k new Instagram followers. I thought it was a glitch in the system.” Danny had already had a fairly large following, but that rate of growth was unheard of. He had no idea where all these people came from.

“The Tree Man was born. It’s been super fun and hilarious to see all the memes, articles and comments this is getting!”

Danny now has 797k followers on Instagram and keeps breaking women’s hearts all over the world. Sadly, for those of us who are visiting for the eye candy, it’s kind of disappointing that the Tree Man has a Tree Woman. We have to say she is pretty gorgeous herself too.

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On the bright side, there is a saying somewhere that goes along the lines of “there are plenty of trees in the forest”? Or was that fish in the sea? Anyways…

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