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Here Is Why The New Disney Channel Will Never Live Up To The Old One


The general truth is that you’ll never be too old to watch the Disney Channel. A lot of kids who grew up in the mid 90s and early ’00s grew up together with Disney. No disrespect to the current movies, but nothing can compare to The Mickey Mouse Club, Adventures of the Gummi Bears or those little robot guys in The Zoogs.

Here are just some of the reasons why Disney was so much better when you were growing up, compiled by Dipley.

1. The Disney Channel original movies are true classics

There is no denying that the Disney Channel original movies had it all. How many times have you re-watched Camp RockThe Cheetah Girls, or Twitches. This era was definitely the pinnacle of Disney movies.



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2. All of your favorite characters had a catch phrase

You will know, even in your sleep that Raven-Symoné loved to say “Oh, snap!”

Also, “What’s the sitch?” was what Kim Possible would always say. It’s all up there in your memory, probably making you nostalgic right now.

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3.You still watch the animated shows

And why wouldn’t you, they had superior quality, and are still some of the best animated movies even today. No need to be ashamed if you indulge in an episode of the Proud Family or Recess.


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4. The Halloweentown Series

When you were growing up, Halloweentown, Twitches, and Kalabar’s Revenge, were the epitome of Halloween.

Would have been amazing if they still had them now.


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5. The Halloween episodes were pretty scandalous

And most of them were petrifying. Remember that Even Stevens Halloween episode where everyone turns into eyeless zombies? Pretty scary for a kid if you ask me.


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6. The themes songs were pretty catchy

If you were born sometime in the early ’90s, you probably can finish this sentence: “If you could gaze into the future, you might think life would be a… Yes, you know it. All the songs we literally sang by famous celebrities like Solange Knowles and Destiny’s Child. Also, Christina Milian sang the theme song for Kim Possible.


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7. Your love for musicals was kick-started by the Disney Channel

You can probably remember the time when the Cheetah Girls saved a dog named Toto. They did that by singing one of their own songs into a sewer and the dog literally danced itself to safety. Now, that was incredible.


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8. Lizzie McGuire had very relatable problems

What teenage girl won’t relate to someone who has problems with discourteous popular girls, or is fighting with her brother? Also,the one episode where she decides to have her first bra was revolutionary.


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9. The makeup and fashion were inspiring

Let’s be honest you’re probably still inspired by a lot of the fashion featured on the old Disney Channel shows.

Who wanted to be like Hannah Montana, and tried to make their mum buy them a blonde wig?

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10. The crossover episodes were everything you needed

Remember the That’s So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana or the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana episodes?

Imagine seeing all your favorites get together, nothing was more exciting.


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11. The Disney Channel had games

They sure did! From 2006–2008 we saw our favorite stars pinned against each other, and it was the best thing ever. Totally missing this segment.

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12. The friendships were real

A hallmark of every great Disney flick is a great friendship between characters. From Shawn and Corey’s iconic bromance to Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible’s hero-sidekick dynamic, everyone wanted to have what they had.


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13. The sci-fi movies and shows were just as awesome

Not everyone will remember that the Disney Channel had sci-fi movies. But, the fans of this genre will probably remember the family that left on vacation from the year 2121 but their rented time machine malfunctioned and they were thrown into the year 2004.


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14. The Disney Chanel had great comedy shows

They had an amazing sense of humor. From hilarious slapstick comedy to subtle adult jokes, Disney were the masters of great jokes.


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15. Real pop stars would show up in your favorite show

Was it your dream becoming reality when Aaron Carter sang on Lizzie McGuire? Or, did you need to pinch yourself to believe that Jesse McCartney showed up on Hannah Montana.


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How exciting would it be if Netflix could bring these shows back. We can just hope for now.

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