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‘The Perfect Shot’ takes 720 000 pictures and 4200 hours


Alan McFadyen has been an avid wildlife photographer from 2009 onwards. He has spent almost six years, counting 4200 hours and clicking 720 000 pictures to snap a perfect flawless shot of a kingfisher diving in the water. He explained how he would take 600 pictures in a row and not one of them was close to good enough. The passion and enthusiasm are evident from his work and we can see his extraordinary dedication to detail.

Kingfisher, the name simply makes it the royalty of birds.

Mr. Perfectionist Alan McFadyen



The Perfect Dive.


The news went crazy for him after clicking the perfect shot of a kingfisher bird diving in a lake.

The Story…



How it all began…During his childhood, Alan visited with his grandfather a kingfisher nesting spot. A moment he always remembered was when the kingfisher dived into the water. The perfect scenery. After almost 40 years, Alan decided to capture that precious moment. This decision took six years to pursue.  The picture is dedicated to his grandfather.

4,200 Hours in Hiding.



Alan, in an interview, stated that he returned to the same place and spent more than 4,200 hours there, to click that amazing shot. He was amazed by the birds, not even noticing the hours that were passing because of the pleasure and enjoyment.

Challenges Faced…



Alan shared his wonderful experience explaining that he had made many changes at the site to make it possible. However, the big challenge was to spot the dive because a female kingfisher would dive in only five times a day.

Picture Perfect.



” The perfect dive, flawlessly straight, with no splash required not only me to be in the right place and get a very lucky shot but also for the bird itself to get it perfect” – this sums up everything Alan wished and succeeded to make.

Perseverance resulted in these great shots.

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